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Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai                                          (previously Away Suansawan, Chiang Mai)

The relaxing garden resort in the centre of Chiang Mai's Attractions
If it is the noise, pollution and hustle and bustle of the city centre that attracts you, then Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai is probably not the resort for you. Located in the beautiful and tranquil Mae Rim Valley, a 30 minute drive from Chiang Mai International Airport, Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai, is a relaxing, boutique, garden resort outside of the city but still in the centre of the wide range of Chiang Mai's attractions.
Offering a full range of recreational activities the facilities include two swimming pools, a beautiful Thai spa, a fitness centre, a sauna, and a lakeside relaxation sala with library These facilities are surrounded by the finest relaxation environment and nature. The resort features 61 villa rooms in huge sub-tropical surroundings with approximately 1,000 trees, an impressive lake, 3 fishponds and many garden areas with relaxing garden salas. We are proud of our excellent complimentary Wi-Fi which covers the entire resort.
 Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai offers guests a sense of calmness and lovely views over the neighbouring mountains, a perfect place to relax and rejuvenate or to explore the attractions of the well known Mae Rim Valley. Just relax or combine relaxation with the wide range of activities and sightseeing that Chiang Mai has to offer.  Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai is perfect for singles and couples who treasure environmental beauty but also great for families who wish their children to enjoy the space and safety.
A stay at  Suansawan Resort Chiang Mai is walking to breakfast, looking at the mountain views, the lake or the gardens; whilst listening to the birds' singing. It contrasts well with waiting for the lift to arrive in the stuffy hotel corridors of the city hotel whilst listening to piped music or the traffic noises outside. We are able to cater for disabled guests having disabled-friendly rooms and a hydraulic wheelchair lift in our transfer vehicle. We also have trained nursing staff on-site because the resort is shared by our elderly long-stay care facility: Care Resort Chiang Mai, so you will see some elderly guests at the resort.
Chiang Mai is definitely worth a number of nights stay so that you can visit the many attractions of the city and its surroundings and experience an area that is often described as having the true spirit of Thailand. Chiang Mai has featured amongst the top destinations of the world in a number of separate surveys.

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